Outage on svr5.acecommunications.com.au resolved, 04/02/2017 11:01AM AEST Web and Email Hosting

Notification history

04/02/2017 11:01AM AEST
The outage effecting svr5.acecommunications.com.au was resolved at approximately 9:30PM AEDST Saturday night. The problem was isolated to network equipment failure in the data centre where our servers are hosted. Please accept our apologies for the outage and thank you for your patience while the matter was being investigated and resolved.
04/01/2017 08:34PM AEDT
The data centre is still working to resolve the outage effecting this server. The outage appears to be caused by hardware failure resulting in external traffic being unable to reach the server. Further updates will be placed on https://status.acecommunications.com.au however we will not send out further alerts due to the time of day.
04/01/2017 11:43AM AEDT
We are currently experiencing an outage on the server svr5.acecommunications.com.au effecting both email and web hosting. We are currently investigating and will provide a further update shortly.